Monthly Archives: October 2016

I’m famous?

I thought I would post here the link to the Undergraduate Award “Where are they now Wednesdays”.

I was featured and I kid you not, the  other day the Dean of Divinity at my college emailed me saying I was famous and that students would be asking for my autograph.

Now I don’t actually think that is true- and I don’t think the Dean was being entirely serious (as he likes not to be), but never the less I think it is important to highlight the achievements of young intellectuals who are coming up in the world. This was and is an international competition, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the people I met there grow up to be the next generation of world leaders, university professors, famous artists, and more.

Or maybe they won’t, maybe they will choose to pursue less limelightey careers- maybe they will switch paths entirely. But let us all acknowledge that they worked incredibly hard on research that might change the world- maybe it already is.

So feel free to check out my little blurb- it probably won’t tell you anything you don’t already know about me, but while you are on the site, go through some of the others who have been featured as well- maybe you will recognize a familiar face, or maybe you will remember the name and face as familiar in years to come.