Summer Update


Well in case you hadn’t noticed… it’s hot. Although the lake water is still frigid, so no way am I jumping in there. But I thought I’d jump back on here and give a summer update- so much has happened. I’ll begin by updating the “summer plans” list I made awhile back but some stuff is new.

So first off I was excited to be back as a Junior Leader at ALYC this year. The weekend had its ups and downs but overall I was glad to be back with these people who have been like an unconditionally-loving second family to me.CHECK

Related to the first, I was so happy to be at Diocesan Synod. I am part of a committee that was very involved in the theme of this year- go EnviroAction!!! I got to meet people that are so important in this sphere and so humble, I also got to have a few chats with people that I will probably get to know better when I get to Toronto. CHECK (deep green is the highest level of achievement for environmental awards)

Have postulancy conversation: Well I had it, I think it went well-ish, I’m always really nervous when it comes to these kind of things, and rightly so- its not like my entire meaning in life is riding on it or anything– oh wait it is! I’m still waiting on some forms to be sent out to me, though I’ll probably freeze in terror when I get them, it’s what I did momentarily when I got the MDiv rubric from Trinity College– and that is just a course list. – CHECK... sort of

Submit paper to international contest… I actually ended up submitting three papers, I’ll find out sometime in September whether I won or got an honorable mention or anything like that. I’m kind of anxious- I’m full of self-doubt but still have hope too. CHECK, CHECK, AND CHECK

GRADUATE!!!! – HELLA CHECK!! I am a degree-wielding theologian. Suck it! (Don’t call me immature, I worked for this, I’m allowed to be excited… but seriously- especially to those sexist/chauvanistic/fundamentalist pricks who said women can’t be in ministry and women are dumb etc, you especially can SUCK IT!)

Turn 24! – CHECK– not a milestone or anything but hey… its another year

Pending job, go to Michigan for Compton Traditional Archery Rendezvous: well I had a babysitting gig so I didn’t go- but my parents did and they seemed to enjoy their time as usual… so I did originally say pending job so I’m gonna say check anyway

Road trip to Detroit: unfortunately some unforeseen financial circumstances came up for my friend Benjamin as well as a lack of good timing… trip got cancelled– or more accurately indefinitely postponed

Did I mention its hot? The air is so dry that I literally got a nosebleed while typing this… yuck I know

Back to the list:

Become an Aunt: another HELLA YES!! baby Cameron is SOOOOO CUTE!!! so close to being a Canada Day baby- my sister went into labour in the afternoon on the 1st, and Cameron was born sometime around 4 or 4:30 in the morning on the 2nd… you understand if I dont remember the exact time- I was exhausted… just kidding it was 4:41am.

Get ready for Toronto: in progress. I do have a place to live so that’s a check, but I grow more nervous by the day- my entire life is being uprooted in about a month… although if I’m being honest- was I ever really rooted in the first place?

Renovate: my bedroom is the family TV room, my bed is the pullout couch, my alone time is non existent except for evening walks. IN PROGRESS


I did mention the babysitting gig, I also spent about a week cutting flowers out at a farm, and when I’m not babysitting I’m a receptionist, covering for a woman on maternity leave. It’s not a spine-tingling job but some of the customers/ callers do keep you on your toes, and it pays well so…

I am certified now with SFA/CPR-C/AED, which I needed to get because… I was offered the camp counselor job at the end of August!!!

In the meantime I am attending a baby shower (still have to finish the stitching on that blanket). I am hanging out with friends before leaving for Toronto, I am leading my first ever service/ delivering the sermon on August 9th. and then after camp I try to organize my many boxes of stuff and move to Toronto.

I’m also a total Harry Potter geek so I am waiting on a time-turner necklace that is supposed to have arrived by now- but its coming from the US so it may have got caught up in customs.

I’ll be posting again soon about Bangladesh so watch carefully…

Till next time


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