My Friend Andrew

My Friend Andrew was asked to guest write on a blog:

As you can tell from the post, he’s a pretty cool guy. He’s also really smart, and kind. I’m writing this as a testimony to his character, and to our friendship. So thank you Andrew- for “speaking for the sake of justice and truth”.

I still remember the day I met him, it was my first year at Huron University College, in fact it was my first day. I had never ridden public transit before- and we happened to be on the same bus. He sat down beside me and asked if I go to Huron. I was surprised- how would he know that- and then I looked down- oh right I was wearing my Huron UC orientation t-shirt. LOL And what a surprise- we were both in Theology as well!

Strange coincidences bring people together and Andrew has remained supportive of my endeavors via facebook even while at Wyclliffe. He is a great friend, one I hope to re-connect with and keep for some time to come.


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