Monthly Archives: May 2015

My Friend Andrew

My Friend Andrew was asked to guest write on a blog:

As you can tell from the post, he’s a pretty cool guy. He’s also really smart, and kind. I’m writing this as a testimony to his character, and to our friendship. So thank you Andrew- for “speaking for the sake of justice and truth”.

I still remember the day I met him, it was my first year at Huron University College, in fact it was my first day. I had never ridden public transit before- and we happened to be on the same bus. He sat down beside me and asked if I go to Huron. I was surprised- how would he know that- and then I looked down- oh right I was wearing my Huron UC orientation t-shirt. LOL And what a surprise- we were both in Theology as well!

Strange coincidences bring people together and Andrew has remained supportive of my endeavors via facebook even while at Wyclliffe. He is a great friend, one I hope to re-connect with and keep for some time to come.


Plans for the Summer

Hi y’all

A lot of people have been asking me “What are your plans for the summer?” Well let me tell you:

1) be a junior leader at the annual Anglican Lutheran Youth Conference, as I have for a few years now (minus last year because I was in Bangladesh)

2) go to Diocesan Synod as a youth delegate representing the Deanery of Huron-Perth (alongside the other youth delegate from my area)

3) have conversation regarding postulancy

4) submit a paper to a contest that I shall leave nameless for the time-being so as to avoid bias in judging


6) turn 24

7) pending on whether I have a job or not yet: go to Michigan for the Compton Traditional Bowhunters Rendezvous

8) take a road trip to Detroit with my good friend Benjamin

9) become an Aunt for the first time– shoutout to my sis and her baby bump

10) get ready for the newest step in my journey in Toronto

11) all this time I will probably be helping my parents renovate what is currently their room, my room, and the laundry room — hopefully by the end of the summer it will be 2 larger bedrooms

WOAH– that’s actually more than I thought. ┬áThis is going to be a big summer for me, my family, and my friends. But I have those jittery feelings that just tell you its all gonna be really really good. I’ll keep you updated on how all the things unfold and hopefully will blog some more about my adventures in Bangladesh as I haven’t finished those yet… wow- actually I just realized as I was writing- it was a year ago today that I left Canada… although because of the flight length and time-zone change it was the 9th when we got there. Anyway- like I said- will post more soon