So… As I mentioned in my previous post, when I do listening/ contemplative prayer I revert somewhat. My default self- imagining is to see myself as around 7 or 8 years old (that’s my best guess at least).

This time was different, there was an eerie feeling about it. I started walking beside a white robed figure (God I’m assuming) and I reach up to take his hand, when our hands connect though- I look up and suddenly it’s not a white robed figure anymore, it is gradually morphing into a giant mass of black-blue ooze and there are lightning-esque flashes coming from it. The ooze started to crawl up my arm and I was filled with terror. I turned and ran in blind fear, and in that blind fear ran into the arms of the real God, where he held me safe.

At that point I was somewhat afraid to take naps or anything but completely exhausted so I kinda had to.


The next day came the rest of the vision… or a second vision but it felt like it was kind of like a sequel in any case.

This time, when I ran in blind fear, I still ran into the arms of God but alongside God there was a whole crowd of people- including my friends and family not physically fighting the evil ooze (for lack of a better term we’ll call it a demon) but rather adding their strength that kinda just emanated from them like coloured light.

Sorry I should clarify: they were adding their strength to warding it off, not adding their strength to the demon.

With this second vision also came an alternate ending- and if I thought I was terrified in the first, well… I was more terrified by the second alternate ending. The alternate ending was when I didn’t choose to be protected and supported, when I blinded myself to the evil that was standing beside me until it was too late. The demon ooze crawled up my arm and began to take over my body bit by bit… and I was aware of the evil but was incapable of fighting it on my own, I was aware of what it was doing to me until it took over my heart. At that point I wasn’t looking from my perspective anymore, it wasn’t me- but it was… I was a demon. I was un-save-able and I couldn’t control anything I did, it was all evil but it felt like I was doing the actions, especially when I hurt people.

Imagine that for a minute… Imagine having to run away from what you thought was safe… Imagine the terror… Imagine being consumed by so much evil that you are un-save-able…




I have some thoughts on what it meant, but I’d love to hear yours– also I’d love to hear your story if you have received visions.


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