#Back From Bangladesh

WOW… I don’t even know where to begin… well since that’s the case why don’t I begin at the beginning.

BangladeshBound14 006

Last January I applied to a trip that would take me halfway around the world. Why? Because God called me, and I’ve run away from calls enough to know that eventually it catches up to you anyway. In March the team of 17 met up in Toronto to meet each other and have some initial orientation. We fund-raised like crazy and somehow God convinced a whole bunch of donors to believe in us, because we all made it. We saw each other again on May 1st, as we bus-ed from Toronto to Ontario Pioneer Camp for MarkCentral/ Bangladesh Orientation… I like to call it ActsCentral, because that’s what we were studying when we weren’t orienting ourselves.

well... could it?
well… could it?


On May 7th there was lots of heartfelt goodbyes and prayer, we left Muskoka, dropped off some people in Toronto, said our final goodbyes… oh and a quick bathroom break… and headed to the airport. It was so exciting I could hardly contain it, although I was also exhausted from the week spend up North. One of the fellow team member’s parents brought us sushi and fruit as a snack and we were extremely grateful.

google image... not the sushi we ate... there was no time to take pictures of that
google image… not the sushi we ate… there was no time to take pictures of that

And so some might say this is where the adventure started… but really it started in January, because discerning a call, and fund-raising, meeting new people, studying scripture, all while trying to scramble and get all your assignments in on time because the school year is ending… is definitely an adventure in and of itself.

and we felt all of these...
and we felt all of these…

On May 9th we landed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Immigration was a little nerve-wracking, especially when there was a minor mistake made with one of our visas… and then as we walked through the doors to where Brother Peter (our host) was waiting, even not knowing what he’d look like it was easy to recognize him from what we’d heard about his Hawaiian-esque shirts and his beaming smile, and of course the laugh… it’s a laugh to remember.

hawaiianshirtsmile= Brother Peter

And the HEAT!!! I thought at first it might just be extremely boggy in the airport because there are so many people in such a small space… nope… we step outside and there is “fresh” air but it is still too hot to think. But along with the heat there was also beautiful palm trees and so much color, in stark contrast to the dark grey of the airport.There was color in the sky,in the people, in the clothing, in the flowers… everywhere color– and I was glad.

hotsun… … … color

So… intrigued?

Well I don’t want to unload everything at once, so that is where I’ll leave it for now… if you are interested in having a one-on-one chat with me, feel free to contact me by email: brittanycartwright36@gmail.com or by other means if you already have my cell # and whatnot. But definitely be watching for more blog posts….

Until then… Abar deka hobe (See you again)



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