the future…

I am really excited, and also nervous… why you might ask? Well a few months ago- that seem like ages and yet short days at the same time- I got this feeling that God was calling me to something.

I guess it technically started almost a year ago when I was in Edmonton. I got to experience for a few hours what it is like to stand in line waiting outside for doors to open up to receive food- because I was working (just for a few hours) in the InnerCity. If you don’t speak social justice code- InnerCity generally refers to the area where the most dense amount of homeless people are. I got to talk to them, hear their stories, have¬†compassion for them, laugh with them… and it moved me to put my own life into perspective.

When my roommate and other friends got back from Bangladesh, I started hearing stories, and then I realized: I had been moved by people with a lot less than they should have but more than people in other areas of the world, and I thought: maybe that was just the beginning- maybe I haven’t been moved enough. So, I started doing something that despite being raised Christian I actually haven’t done a lot of… I prayed. I asked God to lead me in the direction he wanted me to go- and God pretty much told me my world was too small- that there was much more He wanted me to see, experience and do. I was afraid at first, like this meant God was derailing the plan He had given me regarding ministry, but He told me I was being silly, He still wants me to do ministry but there are things I need to experience and see before I can do that. So…. I applied, I was accepted, I fund-raised, and now in 11 days (18 until we fly out) I am headed to Dhaka, Bangladesh. I will spend 32 days there learning whatever it is God wants me to learn. I am not going in with expectations about what I will learn– I know God doesn’t follow human plans anyway.


So this is where I am going… surrounded by India on 3 sides, and the Bay of Bengal on the other. I am living out my faith- as part of a team, with Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship. We are partnering with the Bible Students Fellowship of Bangladesh- our equivalents. I know certain stresses are bound to come up, I know this will be hard- but nothing worth doing is ever easy. I’m not going so I can have an easy time, I’m going so God can move me and teach me things so I can teach others.

God bless



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