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Namoshkar! (Hello)

Well tomorrow I embark on an adventure.

In case you don’t know already; I’m going on a Global Partnership to Bangladesh. Along with 16 others from various campuses in Ontario, we have been invited by the BSFB (Bible Students Fellowship of Bangladesh) to come half way across the world to engage with them in scripture and mission.

Tomorrow we head to Muskoka to start our orientation and training. On the 7th we fly out. More will come when I get back, I will be journalling my blog posts and then post them once back in Canada. So until then: abar dekha hobe! (See you again!)


the future…

I am really excited, and also nervous… why you might ask? Well a few months ago- that seem like ages and yet short days at the same time- I got this feeling that God was calling me to something.

I guess it technically started almost a year ago when I was in Edmonton. I got to experience for a few hours what it is like to stand in line waiting outside for doors to open up to receive food- because I was working (just for a few hours) in the InnerCity. If you don’t speak social justice code- InnerCity generally refers to the area where the most dense amount of homeless people are. I got to talk to them, hear their stories, have┬ácompassion for them, laugh with them… and it moved me to put my own life into perspective.

When my roommate and other friends got back from Bangladesh, I started hearing stories, and then I realized: I had been moved by people with a lot less than they should have but more than people in other areas of the world, and I thought: maybe that was just the beginning- maybe I haven’t been moved enough. So, I started doing something that despite being raised Christian I actually haven’t done a lot of… I prayed. I asked God to lead me in the direction he wanted me to go- and God pretty much told me my world was too small- that there was much more He wanted me to see, experience and do. I was afraid at first, like this meant God was derailing the plan He had given me regarding ministry, but He told me I was being silly, He still wants me to do ministry but there are things I need to experience and see before I can do that. So…. I applied, I was accepted, I fund-raised, and now in 11 days (18 until we fly out) I am headed to Dhaka, Bangladesh. I will spend 32 days there learning whatever it is God wants me to learn. I am not going in with expectations about what I will learn– I know God doesn’t follow human plans anyway.


So this is where I am going… surrounded by India on 3 sides, and the Bay of Bengal on the other. I am living out my faith- as part of a team, with Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship. We are partnering with the Bible Students Fellowship of Bangladesh- our equivalents. I know certain stresses are bound to come up, I know this will be hard- but nothing worth doing is ever easy. I’m not going so I can have an easy time, I’m going so God can move me and teach me things so I can teach others.

God bless