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I figure it is always best to have the first post on a blog be a little glimpse at the author. So here goes:

My name: Brittany Cartwright (not Britney, not Brittney, it’s Brit-Ta-Ny… like in France) … sorry its a pet peeve. Oh and as you can see I change my look a fair bit…

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I am 22 years old, sometimes I feel really young, and sometimes I feel really old- depends on who I’m standing next to. I have 2 siblings: one older sister [and by extension brother-in-law] and one younger brother. I’m probably the weirdest and almost most normal of the three at the same time.

I am a student of Huron University College at Western University in London Ontario. I am studying Theology (major: Biblical Studies) and Sociology (minor). And surprise surprise after that statement- I’m Christian. (Please don’t hold the bigots of my religion against me- I’m really not like that but we’re all human).

I have tried blogging on a regular basis before… multiple times. I have failed… multiple times. I will state no guarantee that I will even attempt it now- this particular blog is more about expression of my inner self… telling my story. I haven’t fully decided what format that is going to look like but we’ll go with the flow- how about that?

Up next: Testimonial Part 1